What Is Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM)?

Cloud security posture management (CSPM) is a process that aids organizations in proactively enhancing their security and cloud environment compliance. Comprehensive CSPM tools perform automated scans, meticulously scrutinizing cloud configurations, network settings, access controls, and data storage practices to detect potential security vulnerabilities and areas of noncompliance. By continuously monitoring and assessing the cloud infrastructure against industry best practices and regulatory standards, CSPM solutions ensure that businesses can swiftly identify and address emerging security risks before they lead to data breaches or a cyberattack. With detailed reports and actionable recommendations, CSPM solutions empower security teams to implement effective remediation strategies, maintain a robust security posture, and optimize cloud resource utilization for better cost management. In this post, we’ll look at why CSPM solutions are important, followed by key considerations when choosing a solution. Then, we’ll explore some of the best CSPM solutions currently available.

The Importance of CSPM

Let’s discuss why CSPM solutions are important.

Enhanced cloud security

CSPM solutions improve cloud security by continuously scanning and monitoring cloud configurations, network settings, access controls, and data storage practices. This proactive approach identifies and addresses potential security vulnerabilities and risks, mitigating data breaches, unauthorized access, and cyber threats. With CSPM, businesses can uphold a robust security posture for their cloud infrastructure, safeguarding sensitive data and applications more effectively.

Compliance and regulatory adherence

CSPM solutions help organizations achieve compliance by evaluating their cloud infrastructure against security benchmarks and offering actionable remediation recommendations. This alignment with industry best practices and compliance frameworks mitigates potential penalties and legal challenges and fosters trust among customers and stakeholders, showcasing a dedicated effort to maintain a secure and compliant cloud ecosystem.

Considerations When Looking for a CSPM Solution

There is a broad spectrum of CSPM solutions available on the market. Some offer comprehensive cloud coverage for multiple platforms and services, and others specialize in automated continuous monitoring. The following key considerations will guide you in choosing a CSPM solution that aligns with your organization’s needs and enhances your cloud security posture.

Comprehensive cloud coverage

Prioritize solutions with extensive coverage across diverse cloud platforms and services. You should:
  • Ensure the CSPM tool is compatible with major cloud environments
  • Check whether the compatibility guarantees all aspects of your cloud infrastructure receive monitoring to reduce vulnerabilities and maintain uniform security across the board

Automated continuous monitoring

Adopt a CSPM solution with automated and continuous monitoring capabilities to:
  • Enable real-time scanning and assessment of your cloud environment
  • Identify emerging security risks and compliance issues, ensuring swift detection and response to potential threats
  • Minimize the risk of a data breach or unauthorized access

Integration and scalability

Consider integration with your current security tools and cloud infrastructure. When looking for a CSPM solution, you should:
  • Ensure it enhances security operations by leveraging existing resources and workflows
  • Verify the scalability of the CSPM tool to accommodate your organization’s growth and evolving cloud requirements

Top 10 CSPM Solutions

In this section, we will analyze various CSPM solutions and explore their unique value propositions. We’ll examine each provider’s offerings, expertise, and key differentiators, highlighting their strengths and competitive advantages.

CloudGuard CSPM by Check Point

Tel Aviv, Israel | 1993 |

Check Point is a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions. It provides a suite of products and services that focus on network security, cloud security, mobile security, endpoint security, and threat intelligence.

Value propositions and key differentiators

  • Automated continuous monitoring
  • Automated scans to detect potential security weaknesses and compliance challenges in cloud environments
  • Seamless integration with current security tools and cloud infrastructures
  • Optimization of security operations and resource efficiency

CrowdStrike Falcon® Cloud Security by CrowdStrike

Austin, TX | 2011 |

CrowdStrike is an internationally recognized cybersecurity organization that offers leading endpoint protection and threat intelligence.

Value propositions and key differentiators

  • An innovative solution that safeguards cloud environments against diverse cyber threats
  • Proactive threat detection, real-time visibility, and machine learning-driven behavioral analysis that enables swift identification and response to emerging threats
  • Easy integration with other cloud security tools

Microsoft Defender for Cloud by Microsoft

Redmond, WA | 1975 |

Microsoft, one of the largest global software companies, produces a range of technology services, computer software, consumer electronics, and personal computers. 

Value propositions and key differentiators

  • Advanced threat protection
  • Security analytics for cloud workloads, enabling real-time threat identification and response
  • Easy integration with Microsoft’s cloud platforms, providing centralized security management and offering comprehensive visibility and control over cloud resources, bolstering overall protection measures

Lacework CSPM by Lacework

Mountain View, CA | 2015 |

Lacework is an extensive cloud security solution that delivers automated threat detection, behavioral anomaly analysis, and compliance monitoring to organizations operating in cloud environments.

Value propositions and key differentiators

  • Real-time visibility into cloud workloads and infrastructure
  • Proactive identification and response for security threats
  • Incorporation of advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies
  • Precise identification of potential security risks
  • Custom support for organizations that desire a robust security posture in the cloud

The Orca Platform by Orca Security

Portland, OR | 2019 |

Orca Security is a leading company providing agentless cloud security.

Value propositions and key differentiators

  • Agentless and comprehensive security
  • Compliance services for cloud environments
  • Deep and continuous visibility into cloud assets, detecting risks and vulnerabilities without agents
  • Innovative SideScanning technology, allowing Orca to access cloud assets’ risk statuses without disrupting operations

Prisma Cloud by Palo Alto Networks

Santa Clara, CA | 2005 |

Palo Alto Networks provides network security solutions, catering to diverse industries through machine learning and automation.

Value propositions and key differentiators

  • Immediate visibility into systems
  • Compliance monitoring across services
  • Threat detection in cloud environments
  • Seamless integration with diverse cloud platforms

Sophos Cloud Optix by Sophos

Abingdon, United Kingdom | 1985 |

Sophos is a cybersecurity firm offering different solutions — including endpoint protection, network security, cloud security, encryption, and mobile security — to safeguard businesses and individuals against cyber threats.

Value propositions and key differentiators

  • Real-time visibility for infrastructure
  • Continuous monitoring for cloud environments
  • A centralized view of cloud resources across various platforms, streamlining security operations and ensuring consistent protection against cloud-related threats

Tenable Cloud Security by Tenable

Columbia, MD | 2002 |

Tenable provides cybersecurity for vulnerability management solutions and services to assist organizations in identifying and resolving security risks and vulnerabilities across their networks and assets.

Value propositions and key differentiators

  • Automated continuous visibility and vulnerability management infrastructure
  • Compliance monitoring for cloud environments
  • Real-time insights and proactive identification of cloud security risks
  • Comprehensive coverage across multiple cloud platforms

Trend Cloud One by Trend Micro

Tokyo, Japan | 1988 |

Trend Micro provides cybersecurity solutions and services to safeguard businesses and individuals against diverse cyber threats and to secure digital environments.

Value propositions and key differentiators

  • Extensive protection and threat defense for cloud environments
  • Real-time visibility, automated security, and compliance monitoring
  • An integrated approach that brings together security tools and policies across various cloud platforms
  • Efficient management and security of cloud infrastructure

Wiz CSPM by Wiz 

New York City, NY | 2020 |

Wiz is a cybersecurity company specializing in cloud security solutions.

Value propositions and key differentiators

  • A cloud-native platform that utilizes automation and machine learning to provide real-time insights and recommendations for improving cloud security posture
  • Threat detection to proactively protect cloud assets from cyber threats
  • Continuous monitoring and real-time visibility that enable organizations to detect and remediate potential security issues